Sliding Tracked Gates / Taxiway Gates



- Frame: RHS 80x80, 100x80, 120x100 , 120x120 depending on the height and clearance
- Infill: vertical section 25x25, 30x20, 50x30 weldmesh panels 8/6/6, weldmesh 358, steel sheet, trapezoid sheet
- Gate posts: square or rectangular steel profiles according to the structural design requirements with universal assembly flange for direct fence connection and control equipment.RHS sections examples: 100x100, 120x120, 140x140, 160x160, 200x200, 400x200 depending on the height and clearance
- Clearance - up to 60m in standard as tracked gate and 100m as taxiway gate
- Height: up tp 5000mm in standard
- bottom rail: R60x60, S10, S20 or higher depending on the clearance
- Construction type: single wing, double wing, crash-rated
- Surface protection: hot dib galvanized and powder coated to each RAL colour
- Long-term anti-corrosion protection
- Manual or automatic operated. In manual version all accessoires made of INOX (hinges, handles, locks)
- Ground track with proper size reinforcement for concrete foundation, lowered on request for paving



- heating device for ground track
- electrical fence installation
- razor wire, concertina on extensions in gate axis or Y-extensions
- dragon tail on top 30mm or 50mm
- automation (electromechanical or hudraulic)
- safety equipement (rotating warning lamp, photocoells, card reader, code operator, induction loop, safety buffer, key switch, pushbutton switch, warning horn, emergency STOP, remote controls, semafor warning lights) - reflective warning tape

Heavy duty sliding gates


Heavy duty sliding gates on track manufactured by NOBESO, are the superb solution between sliding gates systems available in Europe. It can be used with robust automation system. We have sell thousands of this type gates all over Europe, which offer highest level of perimeter security to its owners. Gates are built according to latest European safety standards. Automatic operator can be chain or rack driven. We use only high class stainless steel accessoires, which are durable and longlasting. All gates are sandblasted, hot dip galvanized and powder painted. We offer custome made solutions, such as double wing sliding gates. The length of the gate can be up to 60 meter.


Taxiway Gates


Taxiway Gates can be produced upp to 100 meter length, chracterised by proved robust and strong construction. Our gates are installed on international Airport in Bydgoszcz and Rzeszow in Europe. Robust automation system allows intensive use of even very long and heavy gates. Gates are built according to latest European safety standards. Design and solutions bespoken with the customer.


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