Complex security solutions from one source

NOBESO is european manufacturer of world-wide known products for securing the boundaries of sites. producer of high security solution products with export activities all over the world. The company has been located in Western Poland, next to German boarder, where it manufactures mechanical and electo-hydraulical security products on a site of approx. 80,000 square meter in a production plant equipped with modern production lines and processes based on the latest technology. Comprehensive design, outstanding high technological standards together with superb corrosion protection we gain trust of customers all over the world. At the same we keep competitive price policy.

We manufacture folowing products groups:

  Security fence:

- Weldmesh 358
- Weldmesh 868
- Weldmesh 55 (with profile bending)
- Steel Railing

  Security access control:

- Road blockers
- Rising blocking bollards
- Fixed blocking bollards
- Armoured steel doors

  Security gates:

- Security hinged gates
- Security telescopic gates
- Free-carrying sliding gates
- Sliding gates on track

advantages over competiton:

total security products from one manufacturer
highest technology standards
long+lasting anti-corosion protection
competitive prices thanks to location in new EU country


We have a very modern machinery park, which allows us to deliver our road blocks to highest security objects, as NATO quarters.

High quality

Since more than ten years quality has always been our brand. Our perimeter security products are produced completely within European Union, according to EU-Law and security standards. Do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

Our Brands

 Quality made in European Union.

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Contact data

Tel. + 48 530 857 007
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